Green Investments – How to Improve Ecological Situation in the USA

Commercial banks and lenders can become an important source of financing for environmental investments, but now, in the existing conditions in the USA, the role of commercial banks in this process remains limited. Generally speaking, commercial banks only open environmental credit lines with the support of international financial institutions, and very few of them continue to environmental credit after the end of support from the IFIs. Online lenders offer payday loans Massachusetts to cope with some temporary financial ecological issues. Understanding the current situation will help to understand what needs to be done to strengthen the capacity of the banking sector to finance green investments. The main topic of the report is environmental credit lines; it only deals with the loan capital market and does not deal with other financing mechanisms for environmental investments (such as project finance, equity or venture capital) but they can be financed with payday loans…

Waste Recycling Management in the USA

Americans, who 10 to 15 years ago believed that separate waste collection was not compatible with their mentality, are now conscientiously sorting waste and even annually celebrate Waste Recycling Day. Waste Recycling Day Accustomed to being leaders in everything, Americans started thinking about waste management at the end of the 19th century: in 1895, the world’s first waste sorting and recycling center was opened in New York. Even then, in the United States, it was understood that it was more profitable to recycle scrap metal than to manufacture products from primary raw materials. Thus, the townspeople were encouraged to sort the waste in order to then send it to the waste processing plants, which number is gradually increased. So, by 2000, the level of waste recycling in the country as a whole amounted to 32%. Among the remaining 61% were buried at landfills and 7% were burned. At that time,…

Green Jobs: How Do They Help the Environment Safe?

The desire to ensure maximum efficiency of energy production, reduce the amount of resources spent and minimize the negative impact on the environment has led to one of the primary production tasks in the 21st century – the transition to a “green economy”. In accordance with these principles, the jobs of people employed in such industries should also become “green”.