Achievements in your CV

Modesty is a lot of those who have nothing to brag about, according to ambitious people. This point of view can be challenged, but not when it comes to writing your CV. There is definitely no place for this human quality in a personal presentation. The employer must know that he is hiring a specialist who will lead the company to success, which is why it is simply necessary to indicate your professional achievements in your CV.

What are professional achievements?

Professional achievements in a CV are the high results of the work of a particular specialist. They reflect the economic benefit received by the enterprise or the successful achievement of the employee’s goals. In other words, these are special activities that are outside the scope of work. This section of the summary is important because:

  1. Shows that the candidate is successful and effective in his specialty.
  2. Demonstrate the responsibility and dedication of the potential employee.
  3. Prove the applicant’s love for the job he is doing.

If the baggage of success is significant, then it will help increase the rates in the auction and get more favorable contract terms in terms of position or salary.

Difference between duties and achievements

When writing a CV, it is important to distinguish between “achievement” and “duty”. So, responsibilities are the area of ​​duties at work. In this section, you can indicate the size of the department in terms of leadership, the number of projects that were supervised, etc. And the achievements are the specific results.

Achievement description rules

You also need to be able to describe your successes. Let’s figure out what to write on your CV and what to keep silent about.

How to identify achievement correctly

The author of the CV does not always know about his or her merits. When filling out a section is difficult, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. What did the management praise for in the past jobs?
  2. What tasks were assigned only to the applicant?
  3. When did the author of the CV take the initiative?
  4. Do you have experience of participating in significant events for the company?
  5. What processes have been established thanks to the candidate?
  6. What activities have increased the company’s profits and how much?

But the question of how students describe their achievements on a CV is particularly troubling. After all, young people are just beginning to climb the career ladder, and most do not have serious work experience. But even during the period of study at the university, there are some small victories that can “beat the map” of senior colleagues:

  • participation and prizes in Olympiads, contests, competitions;
  • diploma with honors on graduation from the university;
  • conducting scientific research;
  • patents for inventions and developments;
  • internship in a prestigious company;
  • publications in the specialty in various editions, especially specialized ones;
  • speaking at scientific conferences, etc.

But all this must be documented – diplomas, certificates, diplomas, term papers – and presented at a subsequent interview. You can also attach copies of documents to your CV.

Description in numbers

A CV only looks believable if specific facts and details are provided. The easiest way to impress an employer is to give numbers, as they provide a clear indication of the success of a professional task.

Therefore, it is recommended to specifically state in the CV how the profit of the enterprise has increased, how much money has been saved, how the production time has decreased as a result of the implementation of certain solutions, how much progress has increased, etc.

Things you shouldn’t include on your CV

On your CV, you need to indicate only those achievements that relate to the vacancy. The rest of the success of the new employer is unlikely to be of interest.

The author of the CV must also understand what position he or she is applying for. If we are talking about a director’s position, then it is necessary to show the achievements of the manager, not the line specialist.

Common mistakes

HR professionals do not recommend using vague language like “effective department work”. You cannot attribute to yourself the merits of other specialists: for example, the secretary cannot increase the flow of the company’s clients but can organize 50 meetings or improve the workflow.

In the summary, you’d better not use negative phrases such as “cost reduction”,. You’d better use “helped to save”. Another common mistake is to present personal achievements as professional ones. For example, if there were gaps in skills, and in the course of work they managed to fill them, then it is better not to mention this.

There is no need to invent successes. If the employer likes the CV, then the next step will be an interview. The HR specialist will probably ask you to defend the result indicated in the “Achievements” section. If the candidate cannot do this, then he or she will not be hired, and his business reputation will be spoiled by lies.

Examples of achievements for different positions

Each profession has its own achievements. Next, we will look at examples of achievements for several positions. They will help you look at your work path from the right angle.

Sales manager

  1. Signed 10 wholesale contracts and increased revenue by 20%.
  2. Developed a new method of attracting clients.
  3. Expanded the client base of the company by 100 people.
  4. Regularly exceeded the sales target by 15–20% for the week.
  5. Attracted more than 130 new clients.
  6. Provided the company with more than 10 won tenders for the supply of food products.

PR manager:

  1. Held 25 press conferences, which made it possible to receive more than 150 responses and 200 publications in the media.
  2. Provided more than 1000 mentions of the company in the media.
  3. Carried out 20 exhibitions.
  4. Launched a YouTube channel and promoted it to an audience of 10 thousand users.

HR manager:

  1. Conducted 150 interviews.
  2. Reduced employee turnover by 25%.
  3. Created a database of 200 candidates, which made it possible to increase the speed of personnel search by 75%.
  4. Introduced a robotic search system for personnel on the Internet.
  5. Organized over 20 team trainings.


The leader should be especially responsible when describing his or her achievements on the CV. An example:

  1. Increased the efficiency of the department by 35%.
  2. Developed a system of employee motivation.
  3. Successfully implemented 15 advertising projects for partner companies.
  4. From 2016 to 2019, the department overfulfilled the product sales plan by 20%.


  1. The company has been audited and received an ISO certificate.
  2. Implemented a management accounting system at the enterprise.
  3. Launched a motivation system for staff, thanks to which productivity increased by 50%, profit – by 35%.
  4. Introduced a process approach: quality increased by 60%, productivity – by 40%.
  5. Supervised the opening of two pizzerias from scratch – from developing a business plan to recruiting staff and drawing up a fashionable menu.
  6. Brought the company into the top three market leaders at the end of 2015–2019. according to the industry magazine “Food Industry”.


  1. Developed a methodology for teaching biology, thanks to which the average score increased.
  2. In 2016–2019. 10 of my students took part in city competitions, 7 of them won prizes, 4 won gold medals.
  3. Won the “Best Teacher 2020” award according to the results of a survey among school students.
  4. Organized 20 excursions as a class teacher to other US cities.
  5. Published 50 articles on pedagogy in US and foreign publications.
  6. Conducted 60 extracurricular activities for children with low academic performance, thanks to which they all passed exams in mathematics.
  7. Developed tests for control and assessment of knowledge in mathematics.


The seller should talk about what he or she has done to increase sales and his/her rewards:

  1. Developed a window dressing method, thanks to which sales increased by 20%.
  2. Created a convenient stand for the code scanner. This speeds up customer service by 15%.
  3. Received the best seller award twice.
  4. Exceeded the sales target by 50% in 2019.
  5. Won the state competition for sellers.


The most important achievements of a lawyer are cases won in court:

  1. $800,600 were returned to the enterprise in the pre-trial procedure, $1 million – through the court.
  2. Accompanied 22 cases in the arbitration court; the decision was made in favor of the company in 18 cases.

Then you can remember other successes, for example, the unification of the contract form, due to which the approval time was reduced by 50%, publications in specialized publications, state awards, etc.


People working in this area often find it difficult to define their achievements. But there are successes in this area as well:

  1. Successfully passed inspections – tax, premiums, insurance, etc.
  2. Successfully passed 3 audits at the enterprise.
  3. Optimized the tax base.
  4. Found an error in the calculation of the cost price, due to which the sales price increased. The fix made it possible to reduce the cost of products and increase sales and profits.
  5. Conducted accounting at three enterprises at the same time.
  6. Wrote a column in a local newspaper where considered the problems of IE taxation.

Don’t be afraid to praise yourself and brag about your accomplishments on your CV. The suppression of a positive result can play against the applicant for the position.