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Green Cleaning & Waste Management Careers – Job Seach

“How to find a green cleaning job, waste management or maintenance job in the USA?” – this question is asked by many people. Below, we will analyze the most popular job search options, taking into account all the specifics of the US labor market.

Best job search websites of 2021

To find green works and waste management jobs in NYC and other cities, you can use a fairly standard way – free job sites. There are a lot of them in the USA.

  • Monster is one of the largest job search sites in the United States. Here you will find over one million offers from employers. Advanced search allows you to search for jobs by skills and keywords.
  • CareerBuilder is another largest resource for finding a job in the United States. Most of the Fortune 1000 companies and the list of the best US organizations are represented on the site.
  • Indeed is the world’s leading job search site. The advantage of the resource is that the search for vacancies is carried out both on the site itself and on hundreds of others.
  • Careerjet is a resource that provides access to millions of jobs posted on tens of thousands of sites around the world. The Careerjet system searches through specialized sites with vacancies, as well as the sites of companies that post job search advertisements on their resource. For the given parameters and keywords, the applicant will find many vacancies from different resources.
  • GlassDoor – the site provides detailed information about companies that are looking for employees. In addition to the standard job description, here you can see the interview requirements, as well as feedback about the organization from existing employees.
  • is a resource where an organization pays a certain fee for a found employee. In turn, the site’s specialists are ready to share this fee with the candidate.
  • LinkedIn is a working social network. If you register, you will get access to a number of suitable vacancies generated specifically for your experience. Here you can see the company page and contact the executives of the organization. Do not forget to fill out your profile on LinkedIn: recruiters often contact job seekers on this particular social network.


If you want to work for a particular company, use all sorts of resources to find information about it before submitting your resume.

  • Visit the company’s website. There you can get acquainted with the corporate culture, ongoing projects, mission and goals of the organization.
  • Use LinkedIn to keep track of your organization’s news and events. This resource can also help you get in touch with company executives.
  • Visit the Internet resources of professional associations in your US work area. Here you can find out more information about a possible career, required certifications, educational level and salary.
  • Build your resume taking into account all the nuances you learned earlier. Stand out among other candidates favorably and send your application.
  • Be sure to participate in all business activities. In the USA, many companies often hold professional meetings, networking meetings, etc. By attending these events, you significantly increase your chances of successful employment.
  • You can pay attention to large corporations, for example: Ford Motor, Chevron, Procter & Gamble, J P Morgan Chase & Co, etc. Large companies often require various kinds of specialists.

Recruiting agencies

  • There are hundreds of recruiting companies in the USA. When choosing such an agency, pay attention to reliability: ask for a license for this type of activity, carefully read the contract.
  • It is better to use the help of a recruiting agency for specialists with high salaries and qualifications. Since the top specialists are often searched for with the help of recruiting agencies, and often companies are ready to pay for the search for the necessary employee themselves.

There are also recruiting agencies that charge a fee from the job seeker. However, cooperation with such companies always remains at the discretion of the employee.

Here are some of the largest and most popular recruiting agencies in the United States:

  • DHR International is a recruiting agency with offices in all strategically important regions of the United States. The company works with both medium and large businesses in the United States. Hundreds of companies use DHR’s services to recruit senior executives and executives.
  • Korn / Ferry International is one of the leaders in the recruitment agency market in the United States. It has about 30 offices throughout the country. The company is also engaged in the selection of top specialists for large businesses.
  • Kelly Services – This firm specializes in finding temporary employees for project activities. The company is a leader in the selection of personnel for project management.

You can find a suitable recruiting agency by searching the internet. Pay attention to those recruiters who are recruiting in your industry. Also, HR specialists can contact you themselves, for example, through LinkedIn. They should see a description of your professional activity, social activity and interest in working in this industry, so be very careful when filling out the box about your personal information.

Job training programs

  • Apprenticeship Office Finder
  • Employment Networks Finder
  • Farmworker Jobs Program Finder
  • Job Corps Center Finder
  • Native American Program Finder
  • Older Worker Program Finder
  • Workforce Training Center
  • ReEntry Program Finder
  • Refugee Assistance Finder
  • WIOA-Eligible Training Program Finder
  • Youth Program Finder

Basic resume writing rules

Do not write too long. The more information is provided, the more difficult it will be for an employer to extract the most significant data from your resume.

Two pages are enough to outline the most important points. You should indicate:

  1. Personal data: name and surname, date of birth, address, phone number, email. You can add links to your own social media profiles if they help unleash your potential as a specialist in a particular area.
  2. Education. It is necessary to list all educational institutions in which you studied, in reverse chronological order. In addition, indicate the courses, seminars and other educational programs that were listened to and as a result of which the corresponding certificates and diplomas were issued.
  3. Work experience. List companies where you worked in reverse chronological order. Indicate the positions and periods of time during which you occupied them. This also includes volunteer experience, if any.
  4. Skills. In this section, you should list personal qualities and skills that will help you cope with work at the highest level.

Regarding the photo: experts advise not to insert it into the resume unless the candidate is applying for the position of a model, Hollywood actor, singer or similar. From their point of view, the applicant’s appearance has nothing to do with the level of professionalism.

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