Training Modules

Green Cleaning & Waste Management

Acquire necessary skills to maintain a high indoor environmental quality to protect the health of building occupants through proper and environmentally sustainable cleaning practices.  Learn appropriate strategies for waste reduction; safety and efficiency in handling and processing; source separation for material reclamation and recycling; and proper disposal.

Green Cleaning employment opportunity sites include:
•    Hotels
•    Schools
•    Hospitals
•    Residential buildings

Waste Management employment opportunities include:
•    Waste sorting
•    E-Waste
•    Biodiesel – yellow grease recycling
•    Materials salvage


Building Operations & Maintenance

Learn how to properly maintain and optimize efficient, sustainable buildings using a systematic, whole-building approach.

Training includes: meter reading, indoor air quality, insulation, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, lighting and radiator retrofits, blower doors, HVAC, ASHRAE, combustion appliances, etc!

Employment opportunities include:
•    Building Super
•    Porter and Maintenance
•    Weatherization and Retrofits