15 Facts about My Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Viagra (Sildenafil – generic name and main component) – a known drug for erectile dysfunction curing and prevention. But not all humans really grapple with the aspect that this well-known medication has an alternative application, and for more than 15 years presence on the pharmaceutical market, a lot of interesting, sometimes comical facts have revealed on the light. So that, My Canadian Pharmacy staff decides you should know them all. Let’s start.facts about viagra

List of Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Facts

Fact#1: Stable Currency

At the moment of the American invasion of Afghanistan, Central Intelligence Agency representatives paid their whistleblowers with blue tablets of Viagra for provided information. Such a compensation helps men satisfy wives after a long absence. In fact, they were not against taking Viagra pills instead of cash.

Fact#2: Acclimatization

Medical specialists have revealed that Viagra from My Canadian Pharmacy assists to adjust to the abrupt change after traveling from one time zone to another. Unfortunately, it can be related only to the eastern time zones changes.

Fact#3: Not Heart but Blood Flow

Some people have a strong belief that Viagra is able to enhance sexual desire/libido, but it’s not true. Generic Viagra principle of action is controversial: sildenafil just encourages the penile vessels expansion ensuring penis with blood filling. As a result, natural and long-lasting erection is 100-% guaranteed.

Fact#4: Diabetes – Not Prevents Sexual Life

Generally, scientists characterized that Viagra aids to revive sexual function in 80% of human beings, but 60% patients suffering from diabetes, come across with this hindrance.

Fact#5: Viagra and Cancer

There have been conducted studies during which the American scientists became possible to make the first conclusions. Such conclusions include the idea that Sildenafil can be applied in certain types of cancer (in particular, in prostate, stomach and ovarian cancer). But there was proved the fact that Viagra may provoke melanoma cells growth.

Fact#6: Tigers are Saved due to Viagra Online

Chinese believed that tiger bones may be characterized as an erectile dysfunction treatment traditional method, so many that many people are ready to pay for tinctures and drugs composed of this substance. Viagra introduction on the pharmaceutical market on the market decreased these barbaric means’ demand.

Fact#7: Pandas and Viagra

When not free, pandas have some problems with reproduction. But when taking a tablet of Viagra, these animals start reproducing very actively.

Fact#8: Viagra Predicates Cardiac Arrest

Viagra doesn’t become a cause of heart attack, but people should remember that elderly men with a weakened heart, stress due to unusually intense sexual activity provides a high level of risk. So that, before starting Viagra application, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Fact#9: Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Treats Cardiac Disorders

In determined individually dosages taken in accordance with definite patterns, Viagra can become an effective treatment for congestive heart failure and other cardiac disorders. This drug dilates the blood vessels, decreasing their resistance and assisting to pump blood through the lungs and other internal organs.

Fact#10: Is Viagra Beneficial for Sportsmen?

There were observed cases when sportsmen were taken Viagra to achieve the best results in different sport activities and competitions. It is not scientifically proved but cases are registered.

Fact#11: Viagra for Child Conception

Some experts recommend Viagra to couples who can not conceive a child. And My Canadian Pharmacy doesn’t speak about increasing male performance in bed, but also because Sildenafil has a positive influence on the uterine mucous membrane, contributing to embryo attachment to the walls.

Fact#12. Neonatology and Viagra

Viagra can save the lives of children who were born preterm or with insufficient body weight. It happens due to Viagra effect on nitric oxide and the cGMP molecule, which are significant for great blood flow to various organs and nutrition of internal organs.

Fact#13: Plants Growth by means of Viagra

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is helpful not only for humans and animals but also for plants. American flower growers have revealed that Sildenafil Citrate advances fast growth and more intensive chlorophyll production in the foliage.

Fact#14: Memory Improvement

Overloading of information is a general memory loss cause in up-today people who spend too much time with 21-century gadgets. Some researches represent that Viagra from My Canadian Pharmacy copes with this disorder, and even assists people with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

Fact#15: For Swimmers

Recent scientific trials have explored that Viagra main component – Sildenafil becomes a prevention removing pulmonary edema that develops in athletes after competitions in very cold water. The first volunteers had already received an experimental treatment and were very pleased with the result.