1. How long is the training?

Trainings are 2.5 weeks long (12 days total) and run Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

2. Is there job placement?

Yes, there is job placement assistance following the program. Our workforce development team will help you with interview and resume skills as well as send you out on interviews with employers.

3. How much is the training?

The training is completely FREE!

4. What kind of job can I expect to get with this training?

Please see our page on training modules for job types.

5. How much money can I expect to make?

Our graduates generally earn between $10-$15/hour.

6. Can I take more than one training?

Since the goal of these trainings is job placement, we try to place people as quickly as possible after the training finishes.  We discourage participants from taking more than one training because if you are taking another training you may not be available for interviews.  

7. Can I take only the OSHA or hands-on portion of the training?

In order to earn any of the included certificates, program participants must complete the entire 12-day training program.  Certificates included in the 12-day training include but are not limited to OSHA and Customer Service.